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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is it Wednesday

Many a home had a milk box, and not for planting flowers in.  Twice a week the milkman came with milk, eggs, cottage cheese.  In the summer he would have ice on hand to keep the milk from going bad.  Growing up a big treat was to get a big chuck of ice to cool off with.  Somehow that big ice cube was better then ice cream, it was so clear you could see through it.  Some homes had a milk box build in by the side door, or back door, and there was a door inside so you could get your milk with out having to step outside.  Milk in glass bottle, milk man, ice on trucks, are just memories of growing up.  This milk box belonged to my parents when we lived in Detroit.  Twin Pines Dairy would come on Tuesday and Fridays.  Do you have a favorite story of the milk man coming to your home?


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Thanks for sharing. This brought make many memories! One thing I remember is hoping that in the winter my grandma wouldn't take the milk in too quickly after it arrived so that the frozen milk with push through the paper cap and make a little milksical. Loved it when it was a chocolate milksical!

basketsbyrose said...

I forgot about the milksical, and the paper caps! The paper caps became doll dishes!

Maria said...

Rose, what a wonderful post. It sounds like you have a lot of very nice memories!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I love antiques and the stories behind them. Great feature! ~*~Lisa

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

ours was called "winder Dairy" and it still exists today in Utah..we used to love going with my mom to pay the bill as we always got a banana creamsicle...oh those were best..I believe the caps were like a foil type base..we have smithbrothers here In washington..and our friends used to deliver it to us..and they actually wore the white shirts and bow ties..keeping it looking old fashioned...they also gave me an old box that I would love to plant flowers in..took the neighbors when they now I have 2 on my porch for decoration..;) those were the days..;)