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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is it Wednesday

Dunham Water Weight Roller
Mfg. by the Wilder Strong Impl. Co.
Monroe, Mi
Wilder Strong made shredding machine for silo filling and dry fodder, plus the lawn roller.
In a newspaper ad (Deseret News 3/25/1916) fill with water to weight between 75 and 300 pounds,  Fills in mole holes, and kills worm!  Keep you property well manicure.  This lawn roller belonged to my Grandfather. The Wilder Strong Impl. Co, Monroe Michigan, was around also in 1905, the ad is from 1916, but nothing more, could be found on them.  Does someone in your family own one of these beauties?


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

That's a great roller Rose! We have one but unfortunately it's not an antique :)

Have a great day!

TheRustyThimble said...

Oh Rose how cool is that I love old stuff like that so awesome.


Ewe-N-Me said...

That's really neat!!

Carol said...

That's awesome Rose. I'd heard of them, but never seen an antique one. Your's looks to be in great shape. Thanks for sharing.

phyllis leck said...

I have got moles! I need to get myself one!


Enjoyed this article. Now, a few years back could have used this for the "dang" moles in our yard! Gracious! :)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

I've seen those but not that old. As a matter of fact I've used one. LOL.


PioneerLoft said...

Glad I don't have to use that!