Abe Lincoln

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich...strengthen the weak by weakening the strong...bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift...lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is it Wednesday - First called Decoration Day

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day.  It was first observed on May 30, 1868, when flowers where placed on the graves of the Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National cemetery.  New York was the first state to recognize this holiday, with the rest of the Northern States following.  It was not until World War 1 that the Southern states, started to recognize this holiday.  In 1922 VFW posts started selling red poppies.  In 1950 soldiers started placing flags on the gravies of soldiers.  Starting 1998 on the Saturday before Memorial Day, Boy Scouts, started placing the flags on the graves.  In 2000 we have been asked to stop for a moment at 3:00 to remember what this day is all about, because to many have forgotten.  So sad , that many still have no idea.  Please stop and remember those who have given their lives for our freedom, then those who have worn or are wearing the uniform,  so we may keep our freedom.  Richard Nixon in 1971 declared the last Monday in May be Memorial Day, making for a federal holiday and a long weekend.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

This Memorial Day please stop and give thanks to all those who have service out country.  The price of our freedom is not free.

Warning the follow link is to a video on You Tube.  Bring a box of Kleenex!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dirtroad Team with Greenhouse Glassworks and PW Originals

Welcome friends!  I have two more amazing shops from the Dirtroad Team for you to visit.  The first comes from a small town in Colorado.  Natasha owns Greenhouse Glassworks, and has her shop filled with stain and fused glass.  You will fine stain glass sun catchers, candle holders, plates and coasters.  Her fused glass comes in  pendents, earrings, and magnets.  Plus she make the cutest gift tags.  Wonderful for the little extra touch to you finish project.  Natasha is very lucky to have her studio in a greenhouse.  So besides making wonderful art, she is growing tomatoes!  If you need a larger item you can find Natasha and her mother at    

The next shop is PW Originals. Pam the shop owner lives in a small town in Virginia. Pam is the master of making purses, wrislets, and scarfs. Besides all of these wonderful items are pillows, pin cushions and needle wallets. Pam also does custom work and will work with you to get a purse made just the way you would like it. In her spare time Pam helps out with local groups in her area. Both shops have a lot to offer, so mark them has your favorites and come back again and again for new items.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What is it Wednesday - War Time Cooking

  Well I was cleaning out the cupboard where I store my cookbook, and found this gem.  Published in 1943 it is how to save food in the kitchen, and help the war (World War II).  Fun to read, and how to eat, while on ration stamps.  During WWII everyone did there part to help win this war.  Imagine everyone saving aluminum, fat, scrap metal, either for ammo, or to feed the troops.   So  here are some of the tips from 1943.  One pound of ground beef serves 4 to 5 persons.  Butter all rolls in the kitchen, not at the table (you controlled how much butter was on them), or make the butter pats smaller (you made these).  Stretch milk with grown ups drinking 2 cups, and children drinking  a quart a day.  Now if you did not drink the milk use it in cooking. Everyone had a victory garden, and ate from them or canned for the next year.  Towards the back of the book is a section on hospitality in war-time.  Some of the topics cover are Victory Garden Suppers, Basket Social (to raisemoney for the red cross, community sing (for all ages), and the Walking supper table (picnic),  and the last having a Wedding during war-time.  You learned how to eat well with out using all of your ration stamps   Great tips of all of us to use in these hard times, our grandmother and great grandmother, made it thought the depression of the 30's, and the war years of the 40's.  If they could do it we can also!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Made in Michigan Monday with Bebeculture and We Do Quilts

Each Monday I'm hoping to show off some of the wonderful and amazing talent from the state of Michigan.  This week please visit with bebeculture.  Shawna is the shop owner and is busy making wonderful outfits for little girls, plus head band, and sandals all for the little ones we love.  Not only is her shop filled with goodies, she is also busy with three little ones at home.  She is also the team captain of a new team on etsy for those who live or sell around the West Bloomfield area. The next wonderful shop from Michigan is We Do Quilts. Jane is the owner, who has her shop filled with quilts and supplies. Make sure to check out her quilt for men. Made from plaid flannel it measure 54' x 82" long, and will make a great gift for Fathers Day or sending a young man off to college. She also has some baby quilts, and squares cut for you to sew together. Enjoy your visit with both shops and stop by next Monday for two more wonderful shops.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dirtroad Team - Fine Old Things and First Friut

This week I have some very different shops from out team.  The first shop comes from a small town in Illinois.  Karen runs Fine Old Things, which is filled with wonderful vintage items.  You will find vases, jewelry, figurines and a lot more.  Add to your collection or replace a missing or broken item.  Karen hunts estate sales, for the best items to offer.  Going through her show was going back to my childhood, visiting my Aunts, and family friends, many of the items I have grown up with.  When you are done with you visit to Fine Old Things, stop over at her other shop Expressions 123. This shop has note cards, fridge magnets and table decor, all hand made by Karen. The next shop will make you hungry. Bonnie from First Fruits lives on a farm in the upper part of Michigan. She has the best marshmallows! Plus jars of jam and jelly, cookies, gloves and hand warmers. The jam and jelly can be pick from a list of about 26 flavors. Get some for yourself and to share with a friend. Bonnie sells at all the local farm markets each week, and sells around 6 dozen jars of jelly each week, with many being repeat customers. She has to be doing something right, to sell so much each week. All of her food is made in a commercial kitchen inspected by the state of Michigan

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sharing Some Good News

My views have gone off the charts on Etsy, and it is all because Etsy has my handwoven laundry basket on their blog.  Follow the link and I'm about halfway down the page.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Have a wonderful Mothers Day! 

This Mothers Day remember the Gold Star Mothers with a prayer!
  They have paid a big big price for our freedom!

Being a military mom is never easy, but keeping them all close to your heart with a small prayer.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dirtroad Team - Wild Lilac Design and Four Winds Farm Maine

Welcome friends.  I have two wonderful shops for you to visit from the Dirtroad Team.  The first is Wild Lilac Designs.  Pamela the owner comes from a small town in Ohio.  Her shop is filled with one of kind jewelry, each with a little of her put into them.  Pamela also paints, sews, and does pottery.  She is still new to Etsy so please stop over and show her some love.

The next wonderful shop comes from Maine. Jan the owner of Four Winds Farm Maine, raises sheep. From the sheep comes the wool that she uses to make her wonderful felt wool sculptures. You will find custom made pieces, rugs, cup cozy and more. If you are looking for a very different gift for someone who loves animals this is the shop for you. Remember if you are ordering something special to leave enough time to have it made.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Basket is in a contest on Great Finds

My basket is in a contest for Mothers Day.  Please stop over and vote for your favorite item.  Hope it is my basket, but all the items are wonderful.  It was hard for me to pick one!  The voting block is on the right hand side of the blog post.

If you are on Etsy stop over at the On Fire Team and see what we are all about.

I'm featured on Totally to the T's Top Pick

My handwoven Salt and Pepper Basket is being featured on the Totally To the T's Top Picks.  Here is the link and you will find the basket about half way down the page.

Stop by and see the other wonderful items being featured!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Farmington Farmers and Artisan Market Opening Day

Stop out for our opening day and enjoy Cinco de Mayo at the market.  Bob Montelone will be preforming during the day.  Little sprouts will be back for the kids to enjoy while you are shopping.  El Nibble Nook will be doing a cooking demo.  Plus there will be plants, food, art work and more.  While you are at the market, start looking for a gift for your Mother, something grown or handmade in Michigan.  The weather for Saturday will be great and good times will be had by all.  See you all tomorrow.

The market is located on Grand River, in between Starbucks and Dress Barn.  Open from 9AM to 2PM.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dirtroad Team - Glass Paradox and Winoart

This week I happy to show you to artist that both paint on glass.  Each has their own style, but they are both amazing artist.  The first shop is Glass Paradox, from Maine.  Amy is the artist who has painted for 20 years.  Taking her first class at the Worcester Art Museum and they studying art history in college.  Her business like many of ours started at the kitchen table, now she paints in a studio.  Her amazing work not only can be found on Etsy, but in galleries, boutiques and small shops across the USA.  Amy does paint the enter pieces of glass. The next glass artist comes from California. Jennifer learned that she love to draw at the age of 10 while visiting her grandparents in South Dakota. It was her grandfather who gave her a book on horses that gave her start on drawing horses. In high school she would draw cars and motor cross riders. You will find her work painted on glass coffee mugs, beer mugs and wine glasses. Beside painting Jennifer does pencil, ink and charcoal drawings, but her love is painting on glass.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What is it Wednesday - The history of sewing patterns

Ebenezer Butterick started his company in 1863.  The first patterns where for boys and men, with the patterns being made from cardboard.  Mr. Butterick had his family folding the patterns in the beginning, but found folding and mailing cardboard patterns hard.  With the help of his wife they began looking at different paper, and found that tissue paper worked well.  Easy to fold and easy to ship.  Then in 1866 the company began making patterns for ladies and where a big hit.

The idea Mr. Butterick had for his patterns first started with his wife.  Sewing clothing for her son, she wished there was a graded pattern to use.  So with his tailor skills and the help of his wife, a company was born at the dinning room table.

In the 1940 with WWII starting, fabric and ready made clothes where in short supply.  The Butterick Company worked with the government to make patterns using less fabric, and still be stylish.

James McCall started many and selling his patterns in 1870, along with a magazine showing fashion and sewing tips.  The magazine was called "The Queen", then changed to "The Queen of Fashion" in 1894.  The final name of McCall's Magazine was in 1897.  McCall also has the date of the pattern on the envelope.  So for about 147 years we having been sewing using patterns made from tissue paper, to wear, or decorate our homes.  Love it!

The fun part or sad part is looking at the size chart.  I do not fit into my mothers patterns from 1961.  I have  gotten a little bigger lately.  

Kids clothing could be let out, hems lowered, for more then one years wear.  Somehow we have gotten away from this.  

There are many web sites for more information, plus many for patterns for historical clothing.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Country Lane Folk Art Giveaway

Stop over at Country Lane Folk Art Giveaway and sign up for her wonderful giveaway.  One winner will be picked on May 8, 2012.  

Have fun and follow the rules!