Abe Lincoln

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich...strengthen the weak by weakening the strong...bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift...lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Morning with OFG

Today I would love for you to get something great to drink, put on your favorite slippers and visit the following etsy shops.  First I would love for you to visit Irish Corkies Primitives where you will find sign for every room in your home, and for every season.  Talk about one stop shopping!

The second shop I would love for you to visit is Primgal Primitive Palette, Jody can paint on anything ( from soap to mouse pads).  You will not be disappointed in visiting her shop. 

If you still have some time please type OFG in the search bar on etsy, and find some more great and wonderful talented artist. 

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose that name?

I named my shoppe Irish Corkies Primitives for my yellow lab Corkie, her full name is Bailey’s Irish Cork.

2. How long have you been on Etsy?

I have been on Etsy since 2006, but really started selling there about a year ago.

3. What type of items do you offer?

I offer hand-crafted primitive signs, primitive shelf-sitter blocks, and peg racks. I hope to expand into more furniture items in the future.

4. How long have you been crafting?

I have been crafting for the past 10 years or so but have really focused on my primitive signs for the past 6 years.

5. Who or What inspires you?

I love the olde look and feel of times gone by and I just love how prim signs and decorating can make your home feel like it is from the 1800’s with a few modern throw ins.

6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

My favorite item in my shop is the Thomas Jefferson quote sign…I made one for my husband and it is proudly displayed on our Americana wall in our great room.

7. Other places where you can be found (Ebay, webstore, blog)

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Winner is!!!!!!!

Drum roll please ------- the winner of my first giveaway is Linda from Prairie Rose.  If you could please email me at with your address I will ship out your prize ASAP!  I had my husband pull the lucky winner.  This was a lot of fun and looking forward to doing this again for Christmas.  Keep coming back to see what I have posted for the next give away.

Speaking of give aways check out for the giveaway this great group of artist as put together.  The value is $155.00 in prizes.  Some one is going to be very lucky in winning this wonderful basket of goodies.  You will get one of handmade baskets plus the items listed below. 

4~pack Autumn Harvest Melting Tarts by Andrea Carrier

Ghosts Gather Here Sign by Kerri Savina

Handmade Votive Candle Holder by Carol Anderson

"Piggy" Oven Mitt w/ Wooden Spoons by Judy Bailey

Grungy Pumpkin / Crow Make-do by Doris Henson

Count Dracula Sitter by Jody Seilheimer

Trick or Treats Soy Candle by Kimberly Scott

Wool Appliqué Pillow by Teresa Miller

Prim Pumpkin Tag by Kim Orcutt

"Frankie" Doll By Joan Minervini

You fall decorating is all in one basket!!!!

Friday 9/24/2009

Today I would love to introduce you to three more great artist from the Sunday Artisan Market.  The first ones are Mary Ann and Paula from the AM-PM Creations.  They make wonderful items for your home, plus doll clothes.  With Christmas coming around the corner stop by their etsy shop and take a look at the American Girl and Bitty Baby clothes.  Everything is made in USA, and we need to support our US Artist.  If you have a little girl who has dolls, or know of  a doll collection this is the shop for you.  You will find an etsy mini to the right side of this post.

The next artist is Jeff from rugsbyus.  He makes very large rag rugs for your home.  Sizes 5' wide up to 9' long and 27" wide x 9' long.  You can get a customer made rug for any room in your home.  Jeff up cycles his rugs from upholstery selvages which makes his rugs look very different then the normal rag rugs.  You will also find his mini etsy to the right side of this posting.

Sunday September 27, 2009 the Sunday Artist Market will be holding an etsy show with a lot of the etsy artist from around the area, plus the many artist at the market.  A great day to start some holiday shopping, everything hand made by the artist selling, great places to stop for lunch (one block from Zingermann's Deli), plus the many great shops in the Kerrytown Shop.

Wonderful way to meet the artist, and get to know them and how they make their product.  Remember shop for USA products!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday September 21, 2009

Good Morning!  Today I'm going to introduce you to two more great artist from the Old Farmhouse Gathering.  The first is Kimberly Scott from Sugar Creek Hallow and Dee Begg of Icehousecrafts.  Put on your favorite slippers, and get your favorite beverage and check out the wonderful items they have to offer.  When you are done, type OFG in the search bar and check out the many great shops, and what they have to offer.  This talented groups offer everything from A to Z.  Also check out the Oldfarmhouse blog they will be giving away a gift basket filled with many wonderful fall items.


What is the name of your Etsy shop? And why did you choose this name?

Sugar Creek Hollow. One of my favorite places to visit here in Ohio is in fact,
Sugar Creek, Ohio. Often referred to as “Little Switzerland”, it’s in the midst of Amish Country. And I’m very fond of Amish crafts and a simpler way of life, which I try to bring to my own shoppe.

How long have you been selling on Etsy?

I’ve been on Etsy for about a year now, but Sugar Creek Hollow has only been open for about a month now.

What type of items do you offer?

Hand-poured Soy Candles, crocheted lace doilies, cotton dishcloths, an occasional crocheted afghan when I have the time, graphics, and I just recently added items from the kitchen such as jams and relishes.

How long have you been crafting?

Well over 25 years now

Who or What inspires you?

Probably my greatest inspiration has been my grandmother who passed on several years ago. She taught me at an early to crochet and sew, as well as how to make jams and butters. But when it comes to our candles, my youngest son is the true inspiration. He has mild Autism, and an obsession for smells. Making candles has become a family event that even he can take part in.

What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

I would have to say it’s my lace doilies. Creating these has taught me a great deal about patience. And I like to think that when one is purchased, it becomes that person’s next family heirloom.

Other places where you can be found?

Etsy Shoppe:

Blog: Sugarcreek



I'ts a great way of promoting other Etsyians as well as

giving your blog readers something new to look at:)

So Here's the Questions:

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose that name?

My etsy shoppe is called Icehousecrafts. I choose that name as when I started selling and buying online we lived in an old farmhouse of which was once an icehouse for the farm that we lived on. The walls in the icehouse part of the house were 24” thick stone. The farm was established in 1905.

2. How long have you been on Etsy?

I’ve been selling on etsy since February 2008.

3. What type of items do you offer?

Mostly on etsy I offer hand painted stenciled wood signs. I have also offered hand painted vintage pieces from time to time.

4. How long have you been crafting?

I’ve been doing crafts since I was a young girl...from crochet to macramé and finally to decorative painting. I’ve been painting fulltime since my middle son was a toddler so about 18 years for painting.

5. Who or What inspires you?

Customers are a great source for inspiration. They give you the framework for an idea and things just go from there.

6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

I have to say my favorite things in my etsy shoppe right now are my ouija board sign and wrong answer sign. The ouija board sign because as a young girl I was fascinated with “how” it worked. The wrong answer one, well it’s just obvious from looking at it as to why! LOL!

7. Other places where you can be found (Ebay, webstore, blog)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday September 18, 2009

Today I would like you to meet Annie from Artwithannie.  You will find her every Sunday at the Sunday Artisan Market in Ann Arbor, MI.  Annie makes earrings, necklaces, and rings from stones and vintage buttons.  Annie made a ring for me from my sons West Point Uniform, and I will treasury this for ever.  Do you have some special buttons, or stones that you would like made into earrings, necklace, or ring contact Annie and she will work with you.  Her Etsy shop shows you some of the wonderful items she can create for you.

Remember that Sunday September 27 will be an Etsy event at the market.  So come down to the market start or finish you holiday shopping, and enjoy some lunch at some of the great restaurant the surrounds the market.  You will have a fun filled day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Morning 9/14

Today I am going to feature two shops from the OFG team on Etsy.  The first is from Willowtree Treasures:
1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose that name?

My shop name is Willowtree Treasures. As a child I had a willowtree that was located in our back lawn. Every time the branches would float in the wind it seemed so magical to me. I thought some day ...if I looked hard enough... I may find treasures nestled beneath the moving of these branches.

2. How long have you been on Etsy?

I have been on Etsy for a little over a year.

3. What type of items do you offer?

I offer items that range from extreme primitive to primitive with a touch of vintage appeal. I create dolls, doll lamps, pincushions, doll pins, hang tags, door greeters, shelf sitters and much more to aid in home decoration.

4. How long have you been crafting?

I have been creating for about 10 years. I started with primitive jar lamps surrounded by a layer of moss and silicone bulbs as the lighting source. When I began to sew I then began adding the half dolls to my lamp creations. I then graduated to full dolls, ornies and doll pins. My business branched out from there.

5. Who or What inspires you?

Life in general inspires me . The life stories people have to share of their triumphs and disappointments I also find as inspirational!
6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

My favorite item in my shop is Annie and the Clairabelle cow. I found the construction of this set to be very challenging and did a lot of techniques for the first time! This project I truly had a hard time putting down until is was completed because of my interest in seeing the final product when it was finished!

7. Other places where you can be found (Ebay, webstore, blog)

Olde Primitive Sister's Marketplace:

Artfire: Treasures
also twitter and facebook

The second shop is from Valley Primitives

Kim makes some wonderful stitchery that are framed, hang tags, and towels.  Please check out her Etsy shop, and then her blog:

I'ts a great way of promoting other Etsyians as well as

giving your blog readers something new to look at:)

So Here's the Questions:

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose that name?


2. How long have you been on Etsy?

MARCH 4, 2008

3. What type of items do you offer?



4. How long have you been crafting?




5. Who or What inspires you?





6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?



7. Other places where you can be found (Ebay, webstore, blog)




Great shops to find great Holidays gifts and more.  Type OFG into the search bar at the top of the Etsy page to find more shops, shop with your favorite beverage, and your slippers.  Please remember that if you are going to ask for  a custom made item please leave enough time for the person to make it and ship it.  Everyone have a blessed day and enjoy your family!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Meet the Artist

I would like to introduce you to two more great Artist from the Sunday Artisan Market.  The first is Lil from Chain Reaction, she makes custom jewelry.  Lil cuts little pieces of wire and then makes rings, and then turns them into chains. Lil is not on Etsy at this time nor does she have a web sight, but if you are in Ann Arbor, please take some time to look at her great work. 

The next artist is Nile of Nile Styles.  Nile make scarfs and purses.  On the scarfs she crochets beads, and makes fabric flowers.  You can turn a plain dress or top in something wonderful.  Each scarf is one of kind.  The purses are crochet with beading added or crochet into the purses, and they again are one of a kind.  Your neighbor will never have one.  A link to her web site is below and will be
                                             opening soon.

Friday 9-11

Today is 9-11 a time to remember eight years ago that day that we all remember.  Today while I was watching TV,  I was thinking about my dad, a veteran from WWII, my father in law a veteran of WWII, my husband a veteran of Vietnam, my youngest son a veteran of Iraq, my oldest son and daughter in law who are now in Afghanistan. The cost of our freedom is very high.  We also need to remember the firemen and policemen who are on the first line of defense.  We have a lot of people to thank for our freedom, and they are the ones who are not out in the street yell about how bad things are.  They go about doing their jobs day in and day out.  To me this will always be Patriots Day.  Please pray and support our service men and women.  They will not be enjoying pumpkins, cornstalks, Thanksgiving Dinner with family, or Christmas.

"Freedom is not the right to do whatever you want;
It is the privilege of doing what we ought;
It is not private license;
It is public responsibility;
It is not freeing ourselves;
It is binding ourselves for the good of all."
Bishop Robert Brown

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Give Away

I am giving away the sap bucket, with fabric pumpkins and woven corn.  This would add to someones fall decor.  Please leave a comment (nice one please), and I will pick a name on September 24.  Good luck to everyone!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Etsy Day in Ann Abor Michigan

Mark your calenders for Sunday September 27, and come out to the Sunday Artisan Market and meet many Etsy Artisans. A great day to start your Holiday shopping. Remember buy handmade! Keep the money you are spending in your local community. The web site for the market is You will find a map to this great open air market, lots of wonderful places for lunch, so make it a day! Happy shopping!

Monday Morning with OFG


Today I'm featuring the etsy shop of Susan Green of Keepsake Korner! Susan makes many wonderful items for your primitive home, and if your home it not primitive these would add a lot of charm to any room in your home. Many are one of a kind and very well made.

. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose that name? KeepSakeKorner. As to how the name came about.....actually...nothing special. Wanted a name that reflected items you would want to keep. So I played around with some names. Now my sub-line "Creations from Stitches of Thread" came about from playing around with names that represented for the most part, my creativity in fibers.
2. How long have you been on Etsy? I believe a year and 3 months now. Started May 2008.
3. What type of items do you offer? Many purposeful/needful items. Most are sewing. I do a lot of other art work, but haven't display much on Etsy.
4. How long have you been crafting? Just about all my life. My grandmother that raised me taught me to sew. She was a lovely seamstress. Did a lot of sewing during the depression to bring in extra money.
5. Who or What inspires you? Words from novels, poems etc. can inspire me. Then there is God's Creation! Awesome!
6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why? Oh I guess my Yo-Yo Flower picture that is framed. Right now they are a lot of fun. I get bored easily, (perhaps I have ADD)will thus try new things and go all out for a while until the boredom bug bites. ! :)
7. Other places where you can be found. On my blog

Get some coffee and check out the Esty shops that are to the left of this posting. Enjoy your day and mostly enjoy your family, and the end of summer.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday September 4, 2009 #1

It is Friday and I will introduce to two more artisan from the Sunday Artisan market. The first artist is Tina Novoth from Bello Art Glass, she makes stain glass for you home and garden. Check out the pumpkin night lights that you can use all autumn season, from now till Thanksgiving. A quick way to give your home some class.

Contact Tina at

The second artist I would like you to meat is Mary Baker from Mary Makeables. Mary has the great talent of turn your broken dishes into art. Each piece is different from the last and no two are a like. Talk about OOAK! She also has art quilts for sale. You will find her and more great artist at the south end of the market, every Sunday till Christmas.