Abe Lincoln

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich...strengthen the weak by weakening the strong...bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift...lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Homefront Artfire Team Mybraggbag

Today I would love for you to check out the shop of Mybraggbag on Artfire.  This Army wife stays busy making bags out of uniforms.  A great and wonderful way of keeping your loved one close, while they are deployed.  All branches of the military can be used, and she will work with you, using your loved ones shirt.  Being an Army mom no one can never show their support of their kids enough.  You will also find Mybraggbag on Etsy also!

Here are some of the wonderful items you will find in this shop.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pioneer Loft give away

Follow the link below to enter a great and wonderful give away.  Follow the rules and you could have three chance to enter and win.  Good luck, and someone is going to be lucky.

This is what the lucky person will win!  Good Luck!

Monday Market with Old Farmhouse Gathering

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a good weekend, and enjoy some of the warmer temperature that some of us had.  I have found three more wonderful shop for you to look at this week.  The first shop belongs to Willa, with The Olde Cupboard Door.  Willa writes that growing up there was always something special behind her mothers cupboard door.  In this shop you will find many wonderful vintage pieces hand painted and some sewn ginger gals.  The next shop The Prim and Proper has grubby candles, fixins and pin cushions all made by Deana.  Also check out Deana Blog - Stephens Hollow, where she is having a give away.  You will find the link in the post below this.  The last shop for you today is The Quilted Pumpkin.  Laura the shop owner makes patchwork seasonal and holiday decor.  Keep checking out these shop for more wonderful items all year long.  You will find more great items just by typing OFG into the search bar on Etsy.  I will be back next week with three more shops for you to check out. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

With Our Hands

I have been honored to join the Homefront Art Fire Team on Art Fire. This team is made up of artist who have a love one or are in the Military.  Spouses and Mothers who besides art, loves and supports the men and women in the military.    The first shop I would love for you to visit today is With Our Hands, a Mother and Daughter Collaboration.  They make just about everything.  Jewelry,  handbags, swiffer covers, crochet scarves, dishcloths, and facecloths, and upcycled notebooks.

 Here is a sample of the fine work they do!

What a great team!

I will feature someone else from this wonderful team next week.

If you type Homefront Artfire Team into the search bar on Artfire you will find more shops.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Market with Old Farmhouse Gathering

Welcome to another Monday!  Can you believe we are over half done with January!  Time flies fast!  The Farmhouse Gathering Group has been busy getting ready for the year ahead.  So today please stop by the three shops I have found for you.  The first shop is The Country Crock, Regina, makes old fashion lye soap, rusty nails, and pins, ditty bags, fabric rag balls, plus many other items.  The next shop is The Homespun Raven with 26 pages filled with fun signs.  A sign for each season, and everyone in your life.  Tracy does have a few other goodies listed.  The Moonlit Stitch is the last shop for you today.  Lisa makes shop banners, dolls, and seasonal items.  Two of these shops share the same state as me.  Go Michigan!  All three of us cover a different part of the mitten.  Anyway after you have visited these shops please type OFG into the search bar on Etsy, and you will find wonderful Artist with a great range of items for you to look at.  Have a great week, and I will be back next Monday with some more shops from the Old Farmhouse Gathering group!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Market with Old Farmhouse Gathering

Welcome to another Monday, hope everyone is staying warm.  Cold air has spreed across this great country, and keeping everyone indoors.  So please get something warm to drink and visit the three wonderful shops I found for you today.  The first shop belongs to Rachel from Special from Rachel, where you will find pillows, towels, dolls, embellishments, made with new and vintage fabric.  Rachel lives in Cajun country and adds a little Cajun spice to her art.  The next shop is Sweet Liberty Primitives, where you will find tags, cards, and altered books.  Then check out the other four shops that she has for more wonderful items.  The last shop today belongs to Teresa from Teresa's Prim Treasures.  You will find stitchery, hanging pouches, appliance cover (and they can be made to order), and check out the cell phone necklaces that she makes.   Your cell phone will not be lost in the bottom of your purse!  Then please type OFG into the search bar on Etsy to find some wonderful Valentine Day items.  Gifts that will last a life time, and can be handed down to the next generation.  Nothing made in China, but made in the USA.  You will get more bang for your buck here then buying flower that will be gone in less then a week.  Stay warm and I will be back next Monday with some more wonderful shops from the Old Farmhouse Group.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Prairie Harvest Pattern Give away

Follow the link below to another wonderful give away from Prairie Harvest Patterns.  Become a follower and leave a nice comment, and you can win a e pattern of your choice.  If you are looking for something new to sew here is your chance.  Barb offers a lot of patterns, so picking one is going to be the hard part, and that my friend is on you!!!!  So here the link

This is just one of the many patterns Barb has to offer!  How fun would this be to make!  This would look wonderful in a bowl in your kitchen or sitting in the center of your table.  Good luck!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Give away at Irish Rose Creations

Irish Rose Creations is having a Valentine give away.  Please follow the link to enter to win one of Kim's great doily!  This one has pink and red hearts in it!  This would look wonderful with a candle in the center or a vase of flowers!  Red roses would be the best for me!

Valentine Swap at Irish Rose Creations

If you follow this link to will be able to sign up for a Valentine Swap, that the Irish Rose Creations is having.  Please follow all the rules, and if you can not mail out your item, please do not sign up.  Fun to get something in the mail for Valentines Day!

Give away at Willowtree

Willowtree is having a great give away!  Please follow this link to her blog and enter to win the delightful Raggedy Ann and Andy lamp.  Great way to bright your winter days!  Please pass this information on to everyone you know who collects Raggedy Ann and Andy!

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Market with OFG

Good Morning!  It is 2010 and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  I have been putting away the Christmas decoration, and getting ready for a new year, filled with basket weaving, and quilting.  Looking forward to my son and daughter in law coming home from Afghanistan sometime this spring.
So this morning I would love for you to visit some more wonderful shops from the Old Farmhouse Group on Etsy.  We all have gifts to purchase for birthdays, wedding, and other special occasions.  Also take a minute to write down who you buy a Christmas gift for, and make some notes on what you find, and then you can start shopping.  I shop year round for Christmas gifts, then I do not have a big bill in December, and it is done.  Very easy on the budget!  The first shop I would like for you to visit is Scaredy Cat Primitives by Carrie.  She makes primitive cats, candles, and crows.  Not only is she a member of the OFG, she is also a member of the Toledo Artisan Guild.  The next shop belongs to Nancy from the Seasons of Joy.  Nance makes the most beautiful gingerbread snowflakes, that can be used year after year, and all winder long.  Great to add next to your snowmen collection, for a little winter cheer.  That last shop of you today is Sherri Berry Crafts.  Sherri makes snowman hang tags, painted blue jeans, and centerpieces.  All these shops plus the other from the Old Farmhouse Group, have wonderful items from you to use or to give away. Go to Etys and type in OFG and you will find a lot more to look.  So get something wonderful to drink, and explore the wonderful shops.  Have a great and wonderful day!