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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Picture of a Custom Order

I love to see what my customer have done with my basket once I send them out.  Caitin is going to have a baby in June and order three triangle shaped basket for a corner unit.  She asked that they be plain no color or stain.  Her and her mom where going to cover them with fabric and make curtains for the babies room.  So my basket made the trip across the country safe and they worked their magic on them.  Love the colors and the fabric they have picked out.  The plain corner basket are no longer plain, just beautiful and waiting for the baby to come.  They will hold all the wonderful goodies you need for a baby, and then they will hold toys and items while the baby grows up.

The family cat is giving them a good look over and making sure they past inspection!

Thank you so much Caitin for sharing pictures with me!


Linda Welcome said...

Woozer Rose!! You're NOT going to believe it but I have
this SAME corner cabinet in my family room. In fact I have two, one in each corner with a large window between. Never would I have thought a basket could be made for them. You ARE truly amazing!!! These are gorgeous. Talent I say.

Firecracker Kid said...

It's always so cool to get photos from our customers. She did you proud Rose. They really look nice and are in the right spot. Thanks for sharing your customer feedback with us.

TheRustyThimble said...

Sweet Baskets Rose, love what she did with them for a babies room