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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Old Winery Market 3-3-2012

The Old Winery Market
31505 Grand River Ave
Farmington, MI
Open 9AM to 2PM

This Saturday is the Hog Roast at the market.  Make sure you come hungry for some great food and fun.  This is the best place to get some fresh produce, bread, eggs and more.  The cost for the hog roast is $9.50 a plate, with Garden Gate cooking the hog and Cheeky Monkey doing the side dishes.  I'm hungry already!

Please stop by and visit with the vendors and get to know them and their product.  Each offers something different and all are made in Michigan.  Say HI to John from Grassfields Cheese, and taste some of the wonderful cheese he brings to the market each week.  John drives down from Coopersville, Michigan bring with him cheese made from grass feed organic cows.  He brings many flavors for you to sample before your purchase.  Here is the web site and more information about Grassfields Cheese

Then wonder over and talk with Jozef about his wooden bowls, rolling pins, and yarn spools.  Jozef does not have a web site or fan page on facebook, so make sure you spend some time with him.  He can tell you where and how he has found his wood, and how each piece is made.  A wonderful working piece of art.

The next vendor will not be here this week, but next week.  So remember to visit with Karen and Renee from Nahnees Nibbles.  The make dog food and dog cookies. Bring home a special treat for you dog.  They  rotate with Cookie Cutter Treats. Pamper the best family member with something from each of these great vendors.

Do you have someone moving into a new home?  Here is a great house warming gift, one of my baskets with a loaf of bread from Fostoria Bread Factory, they make some yummy sour dough bread.  If you know a head of time the colors they have you can order a basket to match their kitchen or dinning room, then add a loaf of bread and some spices from some of the other vendors.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!  I'm still taking orders for Easter Baskets in the colors of your choice.

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Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

What a great market. Nothing going on here yet!