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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dirtroad Team with Johnnie Belinda and Sweetgrass Valley

Please join me in a wonderful visit to the shops I have featured today.  Each an amazing artist and works in a different art form.  The beauty of the Dirtroad Team is we all live in small towns and are open to very different forms of art.  The first shop is Johnnie Belinda, who loves to paint.  Johnnie can paint anything and everything from abstract to shabby chic.  She has even painted using lipstick!  Her love of color comes out in her work.  From small to large you will find something to love.  Johnnie has been busy filling her shop with blue birds for spring.

The next shop is Sweetgrass Valley where Debbie makes chokers and other art. Debbie comes from a long line of artists who not only taught her art, but the love of nature. Debbie only uses handmade items in her work and no plastic items are added to her work. Using hand cut leather, bone or horn hair pipe beads each piece becomes a one of kind work of art. Check out her Sweetgrass baskets, she made one for me and I just love it. The wonderful smell coming from this basket takes you outside even on those cold winter days. Enjoy your visit with both Johnnie and Debbie today If you are on Etsy and live in a small town, please come and join us. We love small town life and all forms of art. Type in "dratdirtroadteam" in the search bar for more shops or visit out web site


johnniebelinda said...

Debbie has a wonderful way of making natures bounty into beautiful hand crafted items for self ansd has gifts.
Thank you for featuring our shops on your blog.

Melbe Creations by Melissa Burness said...

Two amazing artist that I admire! Amazing artists!