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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What is it Wednesday - Christmas 1929

Christmas 1929
My mother was 5 years old, and the stock market crashed in October, 1929.  But that Christmas Santa still came to visit her.  She had two gifts under the tree.  A stove for her dolls, and a wine set!  The stove is cast iron, but the wine set in hand blown glass.  My mother did play with her toys and 81 year later I still have them.  The PC police would not have you giving wine to your dolls, playing with glass, beside being something a child could swallow!  How did my mother live to share her treasury's!  Some of the lids for the burners are missing, but the rest is in good shape.  
  My dad was 9 in 1929, and received a book from his Aunt Rose, my Great Aunt.  The book is copy write 1898.  It is need of some repair, I love to look at the pictures.  It is about the Spanish American War.  I will have to see about having it repaired this year, before it is to far gone!  Both my parents had great Christmas growing up, but it was not about the gifts, it was food and family.  Visiting family, and having everyone over from Christmas Eve till New Years Day.  Nothing fancy, just simple food and family.  This is what makes great memories.
Christmas 1930 found my mother's family with no Christmas tree.  That year my mother won the tree from the school, no gifts, but a tree and some food.  I think that was my mom best Christmas.  The next year still no tree, and she did not win the tree at school.  Christmas Eve her and her mother (my Grandmother) went walking around to see the other houses decorated for Christmas, and walked past the tree lot, where the owner was burning the left over trees.  They both talked him in to giving them a tree.  So in the early hours of Christmas morning 1931 they had a tree up, decorated, and enjoy another great Christmas with each other.
If you have some Christmas decoration that you are not using, please donate them to a family, that would love to have their Christmas a little brighter this year.  I did!  It was wonderful!

My question is why did my parents save toys from 1929?  
Merry Christmas


Joann said...

What a great story. They probably kept them because the Great Depression taught them to respect what they had and to cherish it. Merry Christmas and big hugs!

Anonymous said...

What a heartwarming story! That is what family and holidays are meant to be - not all this commercialization that they have become. No wonder everyone feels lost and alone - we have taken the spirit out of the season...
Happiest of Holidays...
Big Hugs,