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Monday, April 16, 2012

PAFA Monday Merchant with Simple Thyme Prim

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On this wonderful Monday please take minute to visit with Rhonda from Simple Thyme Prim.  Rhonda always found time to do some crafting in between her job and family.  Once when she was done working outside the home she fell in love with rug hooking and punch needle.  She even has turn counted cross stitch into prim items.  Rhonda loves to work with linen, osnaburg, prairie cloth, reproduction civil ware fabric and thread.  Each item in her shop has a little of her heart into each piece.  Once you place a order with Rhonda, she will then begin to work on your item.  Currently she is running behind and will need a six week lead time on your order.  Each of her items is a work of art and a work of art can not be hurried along.  Take your time and visit each item that she has made and enjoy your visit to her shop.  You will be so happy you did!  I did!


Barb said...

Hi Rose,
Great feature on Rhonda. Love her creations. Thanks for sharing!

Firecracker Kid said...

I've got to go shopping at Rondas. I love her needle crafts. Thanks Brenda :o)

yorkie's primitives said...

Great feature on Rhonda Rose! Love her creations, Valerie

Ronda said...

Thank you for this wonderful feature Rose...have a wonderful day!