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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dirtroad Team - Tinker Bead Design and Sakura's Blossoms

Welcome friends, please come and visit with two of our new members.  The first shop is Tinker Bead Design, from PA.  Robin is the designer who has fallen in love with polomyer clay.  Three years ago Robin started playing with polomyer clay first to relieve stress from her job, then she found she could make beads to match her outfits.  Once she started wearing her art, then it all began.  Friends and family where interested in buying her designs and talked her into doing a local craft show.  From craft shows to now on Etsy, Robin is offering her one of kind designs.  Take a minute to see if you can find something to wear and update an outfit in your closet.

The next shop is Sakura's Blossoms, where Toleka works her magic with fabric. Making Kanzashi Flower for hair and brooches, you will find something for a baby (head band), to little girls and then us big girls. Check out her cute model showing us how to wear these wonderful creations. Wonderful way to dress up an outfit for you or your little girl. Each flower petal is handmade from fabric with the centers made from glass beads. Toleka is another amazing designer on this team.

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Melbe Creations by Melissa Burness said...

Two new wonderful additions to the Dirt Road Team! We are lucky to have them. Great shops and talented artists!