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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dirtroad Team - North to Alaska and Stuck in the Mudd Pottery & Prints

Welcome friends.  Spring is starting to show up in little area , yesterday we where in the upper 60's, but we are cooling off again for the weekend.  My weeds are coming up but so far no flowers!  I did find two more wonderful shops from the Dirtroad Team on Etsy.  The first shop belongs to Debra from North to Alaska.  She retired from music due to a hearing loss, and is now living on a sailboat in Alaska.  Before moving to the boat Debra was a stain glass artist.  Due to the small space on the sailboat she has found the world of beading.  You will find beaded bookmarks and bracelets.  You can see the influance living in Alaska has on her art and bead work.  If you enjoy beading she also offers patterns so you might try your own hand at this.  Debra also has a blog  where you can read about her life living on a sailboat.  What a neat home to have!  The next shop is Stuck in the Mudd Pottery & Prints.  Janille has been throwning pottery for 9 years using tranditional tools and techniques.  She also makes necklaces from buttons, prints from her pen & Ink drawings.  Her collages uses fabric and hand painting.  Janille also has a blog htp://   Both shops have many unique items for you to look at.  Enjoy your visit with both artist today.


Janelle said...

Rose - Thanks for including such a nice write up about me in your blog today! I'll be sure to check out North to Alaska. Living in a sailboat - How AMAZING!!

The Hick Chick said...

Rose, thanks so much for the great work you always do on your DRAT features. It really helps us to get to know each other. :)