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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some more Christmas from my home

Yesterday I was going to take pictures of my kitchen, but the camera was dead!  So I had to recharge the battery.  I hate that!  LOL  Today it was a much better day, the sun is out, no snow, just a lot of wind.  This afternoon I will go out and redo my outside decoration, that the wind blew around!  So it is off to the kitchen, where I have my tree done up in cookie cutters, and some are from my mother when she first got married in the 40's, some more she had from the 50, and the rest garage sales.  This year I found the little rolling pins to go on the tree.  I have the tree in a big crock with white lights.

Eighteen years ago I worked in a ceramic shop, and one of our customers purchased this Santa Claus cookie jar, cleaned him, and glazed the inside.  Paid for the whole thing, and never came back, so after a few years, the owner was going to throw this out, but I took him home.  Finished the outside of him, and now he has a home.  I did spent a lot of time painting him, but he was so much fun, and still looks good.  The cost was very little, I had the paints, just my time spent, and something we will have for a while.

This is one of the many old dish pans I have.  I have filled it with some red ornaments, and apples with a red candle.  Looks great in the middle of the table, and now we have to keep the papers off of the table.  That is very hard for the family to do.  Everything we do is at this table, and some days the table is under a lot of stress! 

This is one of many quilted Santa I have made.  He has coffee with me in the morning!  Does not talk a lot!  He is busy keep an eye on the coming and goings of the house.

This stain glass piece is new this year, it was made by Tina from Bello Art Glass.  Adds a lot of color to the window!  If you are interested in one please contact Tina at for more information.  Tina also make wonderful stain glass Christmas ornaments.

That is all for today, I will add some more pictures in the next few days.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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