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Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Christmas

I have some more Christmas trees to share with you and some simply ideas for that last minute Christmas punch!

When you walk into my back door, you are in the laundry room/ mud room!  So in this room I have added some garland and poinsettia on top of a cupboard!  Then on top of my drier I have added a small tree decorated with wash board and clothes pins.  I have the tree sitting on top of an old crate so you can see it from the window!

The tree in our bedrooms has old spools that belonged to my Mother and Grandmother.  They are on jute cord with some wooden beads left over from an other project, with some wired ribbon added to the mix.  Next to the tree is an old chair that I found this last fall, with some greenery tied on! I also have a silver bowl ($2.50 find) that I have ornaments that belonged to my Grandfather and my Dad.  My Dad loved the plastic deer on his gifts, and we now own a herd!  Simply and fun ideas, plus it keeps the memories of Loved ones long gone, still close to your heart.

My mother loved pink Christmas decorations!  It never came to my mind till after she passed away.  Where did she find all of these pink ornaments?  So I  have a pink bathroom still from the 50's and most like for another 10 years plus.  I have added a small tree, with some of her pink ornaments.  My Mothers pink ornaments makes this room very festive! 

To show you how much she loved pink this Christmas stocking was made by my mother.  Yes pink and all of the beading was sewn on by hand.  This Christmas stocking I know is over 50 years old!  It does need to be clean, but I'm not sure how to clean it.  Does someone know how?


This plastic Santa on his plastic reindeer, was in the bedroom I shared with my sister growing up.
How can something from the dime store mean so much, and bring back so many good times.  My dad had to rewire him twice (this is how old he his)!  Christmas is about making memories, and not gifts.  The sweater will be out of style, or to small in a few years.  But how we celebrate this season goes on for years, and becomes memories for the next generation!

Merry Christmas


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Everything looks beautiful! I love the tree with the spools. I have a lot of spools, this would be a great way of using them.

Merry Christmas!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Those spools are just amazing! What lovely and unique tree! It's lovely that you have your Mother's pink ornaments and use them.

Hope your and your family have a wonderful Christmas!