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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is it Wednesday - with Blind Pig and the Acorn

Welcome to What is it Wednesday.  Today I have a artist and a great blog for you to visit.  Tipper is a fourth generation self taught Appalachian Folk Artist.  Making cards, treasure boxes, and journals.  Her blog and Etsy shop are called Blind Pig and The Acorn.  Her blog covers living in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, but a lot of what she writes about is also here in S.E. Michigan.  How many left the Mountains for a job with the auto industry and brought their wording and ways with them and just became part of this area.  You will find Grannyisms and vocabulary test.  How many words do you know?  Plus the blog has great music from her family, a very talented family.  The picture is the snow they just received and making  snow cream.  Take a minute to visit her blog and etsy shop and enjoy your stay and getting to know a wonderful person.  I'm sure you will come away with a new friend.


tipper said...

Rose-thank you so much for the Shout out and the kind words about my art and my website-you've really made my day feel so special!

You know-at least 2 of my Uncles and their wives moved to MI back in the day-to work in the car factories-just like you mentioned. They are both passed away now-but I imagine they did take their appalachian ways with them-and I imagine many of their friends and neighbors noticed too : )

Thank you again!!

Joann said...

Nice feature!!!!

The Stylish Blog Award has been awarded to you....go to my blog PaintedPanache.