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Friday, January 14, 2011

Dirtroad Team with Into the Trees and Sheonal Hamilton Grant

Welcome friends to Friday.  The Dirt Road Team is growing and I will be featuring two artist each week.  Today I have amazing artists that do very different work.  One works with palm frond and the other a pencil, plus they live in two very different places in the world.  First lets go to Florida and visit Janet from Into the Trees.  Her very colorful work is done on recycled palm frond wood.  This self taught native of Florida has been painting on palm frond for over 10 years.  Love the chef mask myself.  If you find something you love please convo her for the shipping rates, her pieces are large (4 to 5 feet long). Check out her other shop on Etsy called Sweet Lucies.  Then lets go across the world and visit Sheonal  from the Sheonal Hamilton Grant shop.  Using just pencils (like 108) you will find life like drawings.  She has capture the animals she draws so well that you can see them running across a field.   Sheonal born in Scotland, and now lives in Belgium with her family.  She worked with horses for ten years, grooming and riding them.  Half of that time she worked with an Olympic gold medalist in Germany.  Now she is raising her children and working with her pencils.  Please visit her web site and her blog.  Enjoy your visit today with these great artist.

Many members of the Dirt Road Team are having a sale this weekend.  Here is the link to get you started!


Pamela said...

Wonderful shops, Rose, and thanks for posting our sale link!

Greenhouse Glassworks said...

There are some fabulous items! Thanks for featuring Rose!

Anonymous said...

Rose ..What a surprise to see my Frond art featured! And such kind words ! Thanks; so much ! Janet Craig IntoTheTrees

The Hick Chick said...

Wonderful post, Rose. Thanks so much for all you do for our team. ~ Debra :)