Abe Lincoln

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich...strengthen the weak by weakening the strong...bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift...lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dirtroad Team - Allie Cat Beads

Welcome to a New Year!  My first shop being featured in the new year from the Dirt Road Team, is Allie Cat Beads.  Gina is a stay at home mom who does it all in taking care of her family.  She has found her creativity in making jewelry and scrapbooking.   You will find jewelry for both adults and children.  Check out the Rosaries great for the up coming Communion or new baby in 2011.  If you have your family members Rosary and they need to be repaired send Gina a convo on getting them repaired.  It is so nice to keep those in the family and past them down to the next generation, from Grandpa to Grandson, or Grandma to Granddaughter.   You will also find handmade cards from Gina.  Please remember you can type "drat dirtroadteam" into the search bar and find more wonderful shop from artist living in small towns around the world.  Enjoy your day and come back.


Gina said...

Hey Rose! Thank You so much!! This is awesome! :)

Wendy Bree said...

Congratulations Gina! This is awesome that you're getting some well-deserved recognition and advertising for your brilliance. You are talented, gifted and one of the most enjoyable, lovely, kind-hearted person in the world and I am honored and happy that you we're friends. I have enjoyed sharing our love for beading together and have appreciated learning from you (Grasshopper is me!) and can't wait to see where our friendship takes us.

I love you girl - GO GET 'EM GINA!!