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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is it Wednesday - Joyland Tavern, Seward PA

Joyland Tavern Cramer
Seward, PA

My husband grew up down the road from the Joyland Tavern Cramer, in Seward, PA.  Last labor day weekend we went home for a family wedding.  Stopping to get a twelve pack of beer (in PA you can only buy beer from a beer distributor, saloon, or bar), I noticed the side of the building, Ladies entrance.  In talking to the owner of the bar, Terry Naworol, she told me that at one time ladies could only enter through the side door, and could  not sit at the bar, they had to sit at a table. No walking in the main part of the bar with brass footrails, and spittoons, and mustache towels. In reading the about women and public drinking I found out that ladies would come in the side door, they could get a beer, or a bucket of beer to take home.  The bar keeper would fill the bucket for the cost of a pint of beer, no matter what size the bucket was.  Children could also come in the side door and purchase beer for their parents.  For the price of a beer you could get a free lunch, great deal if you where a working class lady.  The use of ladies using the side door stop when saloons and bars reopened after prohibition was repealed in 1933.  Here is the link that is fun to read and little history of the side door and women.
Enjoy this mini history listen about our great grandmothers, and grandmothers!

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