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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fun time for kids!

If you have kids coming tomorrow or over the weekend here are some quick and fun things to do.  This is fun for your kids, grand kids, or others that show up for Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  Even the very old kids can join in and have some fun.  The first is home made play-doh, and the second is math with M & M's.


2 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 teaspoons cream of tarter
2 cups water
2 tablespoons salad oil
food coloring of your choice or what you have in the cupboard

Cook over medium heat until soft and lumpy and form a ball (happens quickly).  Knead a few minutes until smooth.  Store in air tight container.  Can be frozen and refrozen.  Tip wear some plastic gloves when kneading the play-doh or your hands will be the same color as your play-doh.  Kids and play with this using their hands, rolling out and cutting with cookie cutters, building something.  This is made by you in your kitchen and not in China.  If they eat some it won't kill them, (believe me with that much salt they spit it out before they swallow it).

The second fun thing to do is practice math with M & M's.  You can use single serving bags (the small ones) or get a large bag and place some in a plastic bowl or sandwich bag.  Try and use the ones with multiple color M & M's and not the holiday kind.

First have them count out how many they have, and write this down on a piece of paper
Second have them sort them out by color, and write down how many of each colors they have.
Third have them add some of the colors together.  How many red, and yellow do you have?  How many blue and brown do you have?  You get the idea and work with some of the very small children or have some of the older kids help the younger ones.
Fourth Have them write on paper the color M & M's using the great or less signs< >.
Fifth have them make a graphic using the numbers and color M & M's they have.
Six See if you have have them solve for the under number using some of the color M & M's you have.  Basic Algebra.

After they are done and the math is correct, the fun part is they get to eat their M & M's (but not before dinner).  M & M's are user friendly and everyone likes to eat their homework.

Mostly have fun with your family, and enjoy the day!

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