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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle with Barb Heartstrokes

Welcome to another Monday Merchant with the PAFA team.  Hope you are all doing well today.  Grab something to drink and spend some time with Barb from Heartstrokes.  The name of her shop came about from her job has a cardiac nurse and painting.  Barb loves to paint on black screen using acrylic paints, and her dad cuts her frames from old barn wood.  Barb started off learning how to paint at a local craft store while her husband was deployed overseas.  She has branched out into designing her own patterns and is now starting to sell them.  Barbs paints for all seasons and holiday.  You will also find some supplies in her shop for you to try your own painting on.

Enjoy your visit with Barb and come back next monday for another member from the PAFA team.


Vicky said...

I LOVE Barb's work!!! She's a gal after my own 'heart'!! Great feature, Rose!

Donna said...

Great feature. Barb does a great job! I love her unique screen paintings.

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Wonderful feature on Barb, I love her painting, she is so talented! Thanks very much for the post Rose and the link to Barb's Etsy shop!

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

I love Barb's work and actually have several of her pieces. Can't wait to go check out what's new in her shop! Great feature artist! ~~Annie

TheRustyThimble said...

I love Barbs work too I have two of the sweetest signs in my kitchen, everyone loves them

great feature today Rose


Barb said...

Thanks Rose!! The planets finally aligned so that I could properly comment and Thank you for a great feature!
Enjoy your day,