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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dirtroad Team - Winoart and Grasslandknit

Well I have been very bad about not posting about my team members.  Life around the holidays with orders was getting out of hand!  But this has passed and we are on to a new year with a new beginning.  So let me introduce you two of the new members on The Dirt Road Team.  The first shop in Winoart, Jennifer is the talent artist who learned to draw at the age of 10 while visiting her Grandparents in South Dakota.  With a gift of a book from her Grandfather she started drawing more and more.  Once in school and taking architecture and advance art the rest is history.  Her shop is filled with hand painted glasses, acrylic painting plus charcoal drawings.  She paints just about everything from cowgirls to motorcycles.  She is open to all suggestion and is always looking for something new to paint.

The next shop is Grasslandknit.  Allison learned how to knit from her mother at age 16, but it took her another 11 years to understand the peace of knitting can bring having yarn run through your fingers.  Beside knitting Allison is an environmental educator, teaching at an outdoor educational center in Northern Illinois and the Nature Conservancy.  Plus she volunteers at the Nachusa Grasslands.  Her favorites students are 4th graders!  Old enough to understand and ask questions, but not to old to cause trouble.


Big Fat Art Barn~Sherry C Hogan said...

Great post on our new members Rose, and as always I love visiting your blog...keep it up!

Tipper said...

Both look great!

I hope your Holidays were extra special : )