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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dirtroad Team - Mountain Home Pottery and Mudd Puppy Pottery

Yes today I have two pottery artist from the Dirtroad Team. Even though they both work with clay each has there own look and style to their pottery. The first shop is Mountain Home Pottery. Liz comes from Mountain Home, Arkansas and uses a wheel to throw her clay on and makes mugs, plates and more. Some of her dishes have leaves or a design made from a piece of a vintage dolly. The clay and the glazes give each piece a different and unique look. No two match and have there own characteristics and a wonderful piece of art to own.

The next shop Mudd Puppy Pottery is from Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania. Debbie pottery is made from ceramic clay and is turned into skull, castle and dragon mugs. Take a minute to check out the egg shakers, they are a musical instrument that can be play. If you can not play them they would look so cool sitting on a dish or in a bowl. They you will find Ocarinas that are a ancient vessel flute, that can also be played. They come with some music sheets and directions on how to play them.

Each shop has something very different in them, like the Dirtroad Team each shop has some very unique art that come from small towns across the world. If you live in a small town please check out the Dirtroad Team and the wonderful artist that live on a dirtroad!

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