Abe Lincoln

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich...strengthen the weak by weakening the strong...bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift...lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dirtroad Team - Melbe Creations and ML Danforth studio

Hello friends.  Please take a minute to visit the two shops I have for you today from the Dirtroad Team.  The first shop comes from Minnesota.  Mel is an amazing photographer who turns her wonderful photo's into kaleidoscopes.  She then makes paperweights, trivets, coaster and note cards out of them.  You can also purchase a wonderful photo of the great outdoors and some of the kaleidoscopes come matted, framed and ready to hang on a wall.  The colors are just amazing in her work!  You will be very happy that you stop at her shop for a visit.

The next shop comes from New York. Michelle lives on a farm called Crystal Spring Farm and her Etsy shop is ML Danforth Studio. Beside raising sheep and sell wool, she is a photographer and artist. You will find custom portraits in her Etsy shop. They can be done in graphite, oil, water colors, or acrylic. You will need to send her a couple of good picture with good lighting so she can make you a custom piece of your favorite person or dog. If this is something you would like to give has a Christmas gift please order early. It does take between 2 - 4 weeks to finish, plus drying time. So order early and give a gift that will give a lifetime of enjoyment.

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