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Monday, May 16, 2011

Michigan Shops - Benn Boo Creations and The Violinlist

Welcome friends. We are getting more rain here in S.E.Michigan again. The weather was hot and humid on Friday then back to being cold. The good news is I have found two more great shops from Michigan for you to check out. The first is Benn Boo Creations, this amazing shop is filled with all things paper. You will find tags, cards and albums. Plus handmade flowers and ribbons to use in your scrap booking projects or for crafting. Then check out the vintage items she has to offer. Great shop to add to your favorites.

The next shop is The Violinlist. This retired grandmother teaches violin and piano her her home, plus makes some wonderful machine embroidery designs for you to use. You can add these to your sewing project or put a collection together in a quilt. She does a have a quilted wall hanging for sale, showing deer in each of Michigan four seasons. Machine embroidery is something she dissolved a few year ago. In reading her profile her and I have both stitch our embroidery and hoops to our clothes. Happy to find out I'm not the only one who did this! Show some love to this undiscovered shop from Michigan, and enjoy her beautiful work!

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BennBooCreations said...

Rose, I'm humbled by the feature! How very sweet of you!! My scrapbooking and card making is such a big part of my life...I long for the day I can quit my day-job and do this exclusively.
Thank you for your kind words, and to be in good company with The Violinist is so awesome!