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Friday, May 6, 2011

Dirtroad Team - Bella Cosa Art & Big Fat Art Barn

Welcome friends and to spring. We are finely starting to get some wonderful spring weather and enjoying being outside. Please take a few minutes and visit the two wonderful shop I have for you today. Both artist are self taught amazing artists. The first is Bella Cosa Art, found in Big Sky Country. Deana is a busy mom of three who keeps her shops filled with original fine art, recycled goods, cards, jewelry and more. From hand painted spoons to abstract painting she has it all.

The next shop is from Northeast Georgia, called Big Fat Art Barn. Sherry is also a self taught artist. Beside painting she does mosaics, and children's portraits. What a wonderful gift for a mom anytime of the year. When she is not painting she is running a small farm. Sadly her farm was hit by a tornado a few weeks ago. Please stop by her shop and show some love to her and her art. She was blessed that no one was hurt, but having your home and farm moved around by mother nature can be a bit much!

Enjoy your visit with both shops and come back next week and visit with two more shops from the Dirt Road Team. Are you an artist living in a small town, come and join us. Lot's of fun can be found on the dirt roads!


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Wonderful features! They both do lovely work - but I am partial to bellas!

Mattos said...

Thanks so much, lovely job. It is an honor to be featured too with another fantastic artist.

Dorana said...

oh what a great feature! love everything by bellacosaart! :o) siempre- dorana