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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is it Wednesday - Wedding World War II

Welcome to another What is it Wednesday!  Yes it is a wedding dress.  June is the month for weddings, and this wedding dress was my mothers.  My mother and dad new each other growing up.  My dad was with his friends and my mother was with hers.  When World War II started, my dad joined the Army Air Core (now the Air Force), and was home on leave, when they met once again.  This time they started writing each other, became engaged in a letter,  ring mail home in another letter.  Then my dad was sent to England, with more letter writing.  Both families getting together for Sunday and Holiday dinners.  My dad like so many others mailed my mom his parachute.  All parachute where made from silk, and many a war bride wore a dress from a parachute.  My grandfather (my mothers dad), was a tailor, and made the dress for her to wear.  With food being ration, and wanting to have a wedding, most of their families and friends donated their ration stamps for the wedding.  This was their wedding gift.  A day to be shared with many, and everyone doing their part to make sure everyone had something to eat.  After they said "I DO", there was a breakfast for everyone at the church, afternoon of picture taking, and a big wedding dinner.  Both mothers (of the happy couple) and their friends did all the cooking with the food from the ration stamps.  Chickens where purchased live from a farm, and killed the back yard.  They where married sixty four years when my mother passed away, and my dad  shortly after.  Simple time for a long marriage.

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Barb said...

Fabulous Dress and Wonderful Story!! What a fabulous heirloom.
It was such an interesting time as you know of my obsession with all things WWII.
Thanks for sharing Rose!
Enjoy your day,