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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Made in Michigan with Sew Enchanted and The Grand Crayonyon

Welcome friends as October slips away from us.  For those of us in Michigan we have had some wonderful fall weather, ok not all weekends have been wonderful.  Please sit back and visit some great shops and artist from the great state of Michigan.  The first shop is Sew Enchanted.  Mercedes is a wonderful clay artist who has a love for mushrooms and fairy's.  You will find whimsical fairy house, robots and some beaded bell earrings.  A delight for young and old.  Do you have someone on your list this holiday season who is into fairy's, then this is the shop for you to visit.

The next shop is Grand Crayonyon. Matt and Colleen are new to Etsy, but have a very unique art form. They work with crayons and stencils. By melting the crayons and letting them run down the stencil they have a one of kind art form. This would make a wonderful gift for both male and females, from young to old. Very different, and very affordable. I can see this hanging in a child's room, or a art studio. Who does not love to play with crayons and make art? You will enjoy your visit with them and there art.

You can shop all the shops from Michigan on Etsy, by shopping local. Many shops do custom work and will love to work with you. Just remember to leave enough time for them to make you something and for it to be shipped by Christmas.

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Hillbilly Tonya said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think Singer and really Brother's too, have just gone down hill!!

I am a sucker for anything mushroom and gnome. It is nice of you to showcase these shops.