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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dirtroad Team - Melba Creation and Pixie Kids Toys

Hello friends.  I have two wonderful shops and great artists offering totally different art today.  The first shop is Melba Creations.  Mel is a wild life and landscape photographer who has taken her camera and pictures to a different level.  Mel takes her beautiful pictures and make kaleidoscopes out of them.  From the kaleidoscopes comes pendants, paper weights, sun catchers, coaster and much much more.  Take a look at her items and then look at the original picture, her creative touch has turn them is some amazing kaleidoscopes.  The next shop is Pixie Kids toys.  Melisa works with Eco-felt, making play time so much fun.  All the toys are made by her, with her kids giving her ideas for play time fun.  The land of pretend teaches children small and large motor skills, plus the gift of words, and numbers.  Playing is the first lessons on learning that will get them into college and the world beyond.  Her toys are unplugged and ready for lots of fun.  Enjoy your visit with these shops and remember you can type "drat dirtroadteam" into the search bar on Etsy for more amazing talented members of this team. 

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Greenhouse Glassworks said...

Great feature on members from a great Team!