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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is it Wednesday

 Welcome to another What is it Wednesday.  Yes these are all oil lamps, but in the last two weeks I have visitors asking what they are!  Oil lamps are a great way to get light when you have no power or just trying to keep the cost of electricity down.  This style lamp became popular in the 18th century,  with the addition of the glass chimney, to help with the flow of the flame.  Ami Argand is the one credited with this design.  A number of oils have been used over the years.  Some include beeswax, fish oil, whale oil, nut oil, and in 1853 petroleum oil was first used in Germany. 
 This oil lamp has some great dots added to the sides.  Most oil lamps have a design stamped into the sides.  All of my lamps have been found at garage sales for $1.00 except for the three in the middle.  See the last picture.
 Some older lamp bases have a metal cap to added oil to the base, the rest you add oil by unscrewing the metal holder in the center of the base.  This would be done before light it, they do get very hot.  Chimney would also be cleaned before lighting, they do get smoky fast.

The tall lamp in the middle was a give away at a local gas station that my dad used to go to.  One week you would get a oil lamp, some weeks soap!  You never knew what my dad would come home with on Friday.  The two flag oil lamps are from the Bicentennial of  1976.  I love having them out in my red, white and blue room.  In the summer time add some Tiki oil to help keep those biting bugs away.  Please be careful in using your lamps, but have fun with them.


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I have about 20 old lamps and a few
newer ones. I only burn the new ones,
I don't want to burn out the burners
on the old one. I can't imagine anyone
not knowing what they are!

Bear Hugs~Karen

basketsbyrose said...

Yes they where both in their twenties and very depended on the modern world. I would love to see a picture of your oil lamps.

Jody @ Adorable Country Classics said...

Rose, Love Oil Lanterns. I think I belong back in the olden days!