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Friday, April 30, 2010

Dirtroadteam on Etsy - Molten Art Studio

Welcome and please take a minute to visit the shop of Johnnie from the Molten Art Studio.  Johnnie is a self taught artist, her work includes impression, traditional, abstract, floral, plus many more types of painting.  Her early years of painting where using her mother walls, (and we have all done this), now she offer them to you in large to miniature form.  It is wonderful that with the encouragement of her mother, she has continued.  Please read her profile so you can get to know this wonderful lady more.


Valentine Fiber Arts said...

Rose, this is a wonderful shop. Johnnie offers a blast of color to brighten your day.
As you travel thru her shop is like a day at the museum. Such wonderful works of art. She explores and demonstrates perfectly different art paint mediums. It is a delight to visit this shop, thank you for highlighing this wonderful artist in your blog.

johnniebelinda said...

Rose,what a nice surprise to see my shop being featured in your blog.

Carol said...

Oh boy, Johnnie paints really awesome. I love all of her pieces. She's in my favorites for sure:) Thanks Rose!